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When it comes time to decide whether you want your custom window treatments with a motorized operating system, convenience is a key consideration–but it is not the only one. Enhanced safety is another benefit. As is greater energy efficiency.


Virtually every type of product can be outfitted with a motorized system–we offer the most innovative technology in the industry. The system appropriate for your custom window coverings depends mostly on the type of product you purchase. Some systems raise and lower window treatments and adjust slats, vanes and louvers, while others move the window covering from side to side, rotating vanes and louvers.


Convenience in Every Room

With a simple press of a button, wirelessly operate your home’s motorized window fashions. Motorized window fashions offer a level of convenience that manual shades do not. With the push of a button, darken your media room for a video game or to watch your favorite movie. Simultaneously lower groups of shades or tilt blinds to protect your home furnishings from harsh ultraviolet rays. Reach for the remote on your night stand to lower bedroom shades or tilt blinds for an afternoon nap. All accomplished quickly and conveniently with a remote or wireless wall switch. Control window fashions throughout your house with a simple slide and tap on your mobile device. Wireless accessories allow you to automate your motorization system further.

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