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Roller Shades

Roller shades exude contemporary sophistication with their clean lines and simple design. They are highly customizable with a wide array of colors and fabrics available for you to choose from. Roller shades are easy to operate, affordable and have diverse light filtering options for greater flexibility when it comes to controlling incoming sunlight. Plus, they can be motorized so you can raise and lower them with a push of a button. With decorative options like valances, cornices and scallops, every window in your home can be a form of creative expression.

Roman Shades

Clean lines and classic tailoring have made Roman Shades a popular choice among interior designers and home owners alike. Roman Shades can be used for Privacy, and light control as well as just a décor at the top of your window. It’s very easy to find a look that compliments your space due many different styles to choose from and can also be embellished with trim and bandings if so desired. Motorization has become a very popular feature.


Flat Roman Shades: Our most popular style of roman. Bottom fold guarantees a neat stack. Handcrafted for an elegant look. A beautiful, modern choice.


Balloon: a soft and playful to dramatic and bold balloon shade will add drama and high fashion to even the most plain of windows.


Shirred: These slightly more formal styles add a fullness and dimension to your window shades that is best achieved with a sheer or lightweight fabric.

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